Tim Waters Art


Welcome to my collection of graphic images I have created using a combination of digital photography, images I found on the internet and art drawn using graphic tools.

Stained glass windows

Stained glass windows depicting local places created using a combination of photographic collage and digital image effects.

The prosperity of technology is nostalgia

I was asked by the firm PricewaterhouseCoopers to provide a set of prints to be used as decorative art. The theme was ‘along the lines of Heath Robinson’. To this end I have produced three prints that are based around this humour mixing the invention of a new device and the technology hype curve as a central theme. The heading over the top reads “The prosperity of technology is nostalgia”, this is a reference the idea that the only thing that technology arguably gives us in the end, after it has become redundant or worthless and has effectively dropped off the hype curve is the feeling that it was good. It leads to the idea of why bother struggling with the increasing complexity of technology when we got it working pretty good years ago anyway. To demonstrate this I have gone dumpster diving in the bin of technology and dusted of some things I have found that I think are a real shame we have forgotten. I have then re-invigorated them, hopefully with some humour so they can go back into the hype curve and start again.

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